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Welcome to Age of Aquarius… where skincare meets swimwear. A women owned luxury collection that is thoughtfully curated to focus on skin protection while providing contemporary styles. The company uses high-quality recycled fabrics with UVP 50+, crafted consciously in limited batches. AOA’s mission is to conserve your skin and your planet whenever possible.

Did you know?

There are two areas on the body that age faster than your face – the décolletage (neck/chest) and hands. These parts of your body are prone to sun exposure and premature aging. Not only do traditional swimsuits harm our planet by virtue of their petroleum-based materials (plastics), but they also leave the most vulnerable areas of the skin exposed to the sun for hours at a time.

Sunscreen is no longer enough

We developed AOA to solve this issue – uniquely designed to protect these most sun sensitive areas: the neck, chest and hands, while utilizing recycled materials. AOA is women owned and manufactured in New York City. The fabrics are imported from Italy and made with ECONYL®, regenerated nylon produced from ocean waste.

AOA Fabrics

Age of Aquarius… where skincare meets swimwear.

At AOA all of the pieces are produced from ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from pre- and post consumer waste such as fishing nets, discarded fabrics and industrial plastics.

By using ECONYL®, a nylon (plastic) alternative, AOA is able to help the environment instead of adding waste by using traditional swimwear fabric, i.e., nylon. Moreover, all fabrics are Okeo-Tek® certified, meaning that they have been laboratory tested certified to be free of harmful substances. Learn about ECONYL®

Econyl Fabric Swimwear

Skincare meets swimwear

Econyl Fabric Swimwear Process

AOA Process

AOA is a curated collection of swimwear that allows our consumers to invest in elevated fashion pieces that have been consciously created. AOA takes into account human, animal and environmental welfare and keeps this top of mind in every part of the process. All AOA swim is made from ECONYL®, which is produced using ocean waste and fishing nets.

Each piece is hand cut and produced in limited quantities in New York City to ensure there is no overproduction or fast fashion. AOA is packaged using recycled materials and are delivered to your door in a recyclable box. The company is always interested in learning more about sustainable alternatives.


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