Sunless Options for a Bronze Glow

Everyone loves a bronze glow- especially in your AOA swimsuit! Prolonged sun exposure, however, causes significant damage to the skin even if you don’t get “burnt”. Sun damage causes 80% of wrinkles and occurs to every skin type, even if you wear SPF (read more here). At AOA we prioritize skin health and whether you have naturally light skin or just want a little extra glow, the best options for a sunless tan are outlined below.


Professional Spray

For when you can plan ahead and want to splurge this option will get you perfectly bronzed. Do all exfoliation, nails and/or hair removal in advance of your spray. Make sure you speak to the professional about what color solution to use so you don’t end up orange, especially if you have light skin.

Sunless Tanning Drops

If you prefer something super easy go for sunless tanning drops that mix into daily moisturizer. This helps build gradual color and is great for all skin tones. A few sunless tanning drops allow you to seamlessly incorporate a healthy glow into your daily routine. Plus, you can put your swimsuit on immediately after application as the color shouldn’t run onto clothing. Drops are great to add a bronze glow whether you have dark or light skin!

Self Tanner

This may require a few tries to get the application down but ultimately give an amazing sunless tan! We love organic mousse or spray, applied with a mit. Some brands make tan towels which work great and easy to pack on a trip! For self tanner always exfoliate beforehand and follow the specific brand’s instructions.

Go get glowing in your AOA swimsuit, no sun damage required!

xx AOA


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